Die Akte Oppenheimer | TV Documentary

In this documentary, filmmaker Ina Knobloch recounts the destiny of the Jewish merchant Joseph Süßkind Oppenheimer, who, after the death of Karl Alexander, the Duke of Württemberg, was executed as a scapegoat as part of an anti-Semitic vendetta and was then flaunted in a cage for many years. This historically documented constitutional murder is even nowadays referenced in anti-Semitic fake news.

As a commission for City Media TV, MAPP media GmbH was responsible for filming and digital post-production and brought numerous historical documents to life.


City Media TV
Production Company
MAPP media GmbH
Broadcast Station
Ina Knobloch
DoP & Drone
Nico Drago
Post-production Supervisor
Nico Drago
Editor & Colorist
Matthias Stein
Graphic Design
Chuong Bui
Sound Design
A.R.T. Studios