Männerhort | Narrative Film

The German comedy Männerhort (Daycare for Men) revolves around desperate men trying to escape from their relationships. In their newly built residential area, four “real” guys create a women-free zone and indulge in their hobbies. But for how long will this last?

MAPP media GmbH supported the post-production phase by taking care of dailies and data wrangling, as well as color grading, visual effects, trailer editing, and the title animation.


Die Film GmbH
Film Distributor
Constantin Film
Post-production Hessen
MAPP media GmbH
Rainer Ewerrien
David Ungureit
Franziska Meyer Price
Cast (i.a.)
Elyas M'Barek
Detlev Buck
Christoph Maria Herbst
Serkan Cetinkaya
Director of Photography
Bernhard Jasper
Digital Dailies
Heiko Schweizer
Andreas Steinlein
Chuong Bui
Heiko Schweizer
Trailer Editor
Heiko Schweizer
Title Animation
Chuong Bui